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Film Radios stocks the industry standard, Motorola programmable Professional Radios.

All radios come complete with chargers, spare batteries and audio accessories (either Remote Speaker Mikes or earpieces). This is included in the daily rate per radio.

We have a number of licensed frequencies available, allowing multiple channel spread on the same radio. Our radios are compatible with many helicopter frequencies. These channels can be programmed into the standard radios, so you don't need to pay for additional radios for Ground to Air communications.

Film Radios carries the largest VHF radio rental fleet in the South Island. VHF radios are particularly suited to the Mountainous South Island Topography.

Our analogue radios offer zero delay in transmission; an essential safety aspect when time critical communications are needed.

We also carry a number of specialised accessories for Motorola radios. Covert earpieces, Headsets, adaptors for Helicopter headsets, bone conduction units and other specialty items.

We have radios and accessories to suit your situation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Repeaters allow radio users to increase the effective range of their radio communications.

Film Radios has invested in a number of Repeater options for our clients. We have either Fixed Repeater, or Rapid Response repeater options to suit your particular requirements.base radio


We have a number of 25 Watt base radio options to suit. From Field ready 'grab and go' base radios housed in Water tight Pelican cases, to vehicle ready temporary installation base radios through to Office ready base stations.

25 Watt radios are excellent when operating from marginal coverage areas where a standard handheld radio may not reach another radio user.


Satellite phones provide a voice, text and data link to the most remote parts of the World.
We have field-ready Sat phones. Our Motorola 9555 Iridium Satellite phones are provided with more accessories than any other supplier to make things work in the field for you. Each Satellite phone is supplied in a custom Pelican Case with a water-tight soft splash bag, A/C & D/C chargers, remote aerial, phone cover, instructions, and a spare battery.

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The HME wireless kit is a compact, digital two-way communications kit allowing up to 4 full-duplex or 15 push-to-transmit shared users to speak to each other via headsets without any interconnecting cables. The system allows seamless communication in hands-free mode or private communication on a secured channel.

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  • The Challenger is a stand-alone speaker system. It has a multi-channel wireless microphone receiver, CD/MP3 input, Aux (iPod) input, USB memory stick input built in.
  • Truly portable system on wheels and with a retractable handle
  • 120Watts RMS Amplifier
  • Auto mute of music when microphone is used
  • Heavy Duty Internal Battery allows for operation without A/C power (Greater than 6 hours music or greater than 10 hours of speech per charge)
  • A wireless repeater system allows two speakers to be used up to 100m from each other without the need for cables or A/C power

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We stock the ACR 406 mHz GPS coupled Personal Locater Beacons (PLB). The new generation of Locator Beacons allows pinpoint accuracy of the beacon.

The new style of PLB allows the Rescue Services to identify accurately where the beacon is transmitting, what type of beacon is transmitting, who is the owner of the beacon, and relevant telephone details to contact in case of emergency.

Carrying a PLB gives an added level of safety to any backcountry mission.

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